Friday, July 17, 2009


What is it?
The state of one's ideas, the facts known to one, etc...
A mental view or prospect…

Well, we all have one, about everything. For some incomprehensible reason we tend to think ours is the only true, complete and correct one. I think a “wrong” (or harmful) opinion in regards to perspective is believing yours is the only one, or the unwillingness to consider another’s. Sure it’s second nature to view the world through our own eyes, but all it takes is a little effort to look beyond our own experiences.

Situations to ponder

1. Helping people halfway around the world, who have nothing, is an absolutely amazing quest/goal to strive for and accomplish, but what about your neighbor who you don’t even bother talking to who is struggling to just scrap by. People a million miles away see your true heart when a person you encounter everyday sees nothing.

Flip side: The person who has nothing has a hard time swallowing their pride, they are not willing to reach out and ask for the help they so desperately need.

2. A business owner, who strives to give their customers (who they will never see) the utmost service, yet ignores the needs of employees who see them everyday.

Flip side: The reluctance of the employees to confront the issue (in a tactful matter. The business owner may have no idea of the unhappiness of his employees.

3. A person who made a mistake is projecting this mistake on all around them, waiting for them to fall…rather they presenting it like a lesson that can be and should be learned from.

Flip side: The person who fell feels judged and does not want to put their heart out there to be trampled on, so they become callused to the situation and say lets see if you can last without making the same dumb mistake.

It is not easy to stop and consider others perspectives. It is much easier react out of pure, raw emotion that comes from our perspective and ours alone. This is something that I attempt to always do and find myself struggling with daily, but I am striving to look beyond myself and consider others.