Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lyryn :)

It's been one year, how appropriate that it takes Lyryn's birthday to lure me back to my blog...

I decided to read my post from last year before attempting a new one. The things I said then are still so true today, some slightly changed...since she is now a mother of not one, but two.

I could list all her amazing qualities, but that wouldn't even scratch the surface of who she is and what she means to this world. Lyryn has a destiny that she's striving for. Of course there are distractions and blockades that are trying to veer her off course, but she always manages to find her way back. When I look at Lyryn passion radiates from her face. Sometimes she tries to mask it, but trigger the right topic and she can light up a room with her hopes and dreams.

I have the joy of watching her walk in towards those hopes & dreams and the privilege of kicking her in the pants when needed.
Sometimes I wish she could see herself through the eyes of the people that love her.
She would see beauty, passion, hope, talent...

Happy Birthday Lyryn...

...keep on livin' life, Lyryn style.