Saturday, August 15, 2009


A close friend of mine, Lyryn, wrote me an exceptionally sweet and touching poem for my birthday. It was one of the BEST birthday presents ever. I am not much for poetry, but I’ll give my best shot at plain old writing.

Lyryn is an amazing woman of God. She has abilities and talents she’s only just begun to tap into.

She is a writer, pure and simple…
She is a photographer (and she’s finding her style more and more with each photo shoot)
She is a choreographer, although it has been on the back burner, but is something that is very close to my heart (I’m her dancer)
She is a mother, with a son who adores her
She is a wife, that is not afraid to admit it’s a learning process
She is a daughter, to her parents that she cars SO much for
She is a sister, whether by blood or by love
She is a friend, through thick and thin

Life hasn’t always been daisies and roses, but that didn’t stop her. It may have slowed her down, but she never stopped. Some might say, “she’s such a STRONG woman”! But that doesn’t really fit her. Rather she’s a fighter…she fights for what she believes in. She fights for her marriage, she fights for her family, she fights for her sisters, she fights for the truth! She is raw passion. She’s sick of the norm. She’ll fight to move forward.

We kind of fell into friendship, her and I. We were introduced long ago and spent countless hours together (in a group setting), but never had a friendship to call our own. It kind of happened, right place, right time sort of thing. But let me tell you it’s been one the best coincidences of my life.

Happy Birthday Lyryn