Saturday, August 15, 2009


A close friend of mine, Lyryn, wrote me an exceptionally sweet and touching poem for my birthday. It was one of the BEST birthday presents ever. I am not much for poetry, but I’ll give my best shot at plain old writing.

Lyryn is an amazing woman of God. She has abilities and talents she’s only just begun to tap into.

She is a writer, pure and simple…
She is a photographer (and she’s finding her style more and more with each photo shoot)
She is a choreographer, although it has been on the back burner, but is something that is very close to my heart (I’m her dancer)
She is a mother, with a son who adores her
She is a wife, that is not afraid to admit it’s a learning process
She is a daughter, to her parents that she cars SO much for
She is a sister, whether by blood or by love
She is a friend, through thick and thin

Life hasn’t always been daisies and roses, but that didn’t stop her. It may have slowed her down, but she never stopped. Some might say, “she’s such a STRONG woman”! But that doesn’t really fit her. Rather she’s a fighter…she fights for what she believes in. She fights for her marriage, she fights for her family, she fights for her sisters, she fights for the truth! She is raw passion. She’s sick of the norm. She’ll fight to move forward.

We kind of fell into friendship, her and I. We were introduced long ago and spent countless hours together (in a group setting), but never had a friendship to call our own. It kind of happened, right place, right time sort of thing. But let me tell you it’s been one the best coincidences of my life.

Happy Birthday Lyryn

Friday, July 17, 2009


What is it?
The state of one's ideas, the facts known to one, etc...
A mental view or prospect…

Well, we all have one, about everything. For some incomprehensible reason we tend to think ours is the only true, complete and correct one. I think a “wrong” (or harmful) opinion in regards to perspective is believing yours is the only one, or the unwillingness to consider another’s. Sure it’s second nature to view the world through our own eyes, but all it takes is a little effort to look beyond our own experiences.

Situations to ponder

1. Helping people halfway around the world, who have nothing, is an absolutely amazing quest/goal to strive for and accomplish, but what about your neighbor who you don’t even bother talking to who is struggling to just scrap by. People a million miles away see your true heart when a person you encounter everyday sees nothing.

Flip side: The person who has nothing has a hard time swallowing their pride, they are not willing to reach out and ask for the help they so desperately need.

2. A business owner, who strives to give their customers (who they will never see) the utmost service, yet ignores the needs of employees who see them everyday.

Flip side: The reluctance of the employees to confront the issue (in a tactful matter. The business owner may have no idea of the unhappiness of his employees.

3. A person who made a mistake is projecting this mistake on all around them, waiting for them to fall…rather they presenting it like a lesson that can be and should be learned from.

Flip side: The person who fell feels judged and does not want to put their heart out there to be trampled on, so they become callused to the situation and say lets see if you can last without making the same dumb mistake.

It is not easy to stop and consider others perspectives. It is much easier react out of pure, raw emotion that comes from our perspective and ours alone. This is something that I attempt to always do and find myself struggling with daily, but I am striving to look beyond myself and consider others.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009 Giant

So I was just trying to grab a few groceries after a long day of work.
But when is it ever that easy.

I was almost done, with purse in one hand and basket in the other, rounding the corner to the check-out and slip *bang* I'm on the floor. I went down do fast with nothing to catch me but my right shoulder.

I got up so fast and answered the questioning facing, "I'm glad I'm young!"

This morning rolling over and pushing up on that same young shoulder, I did not have the same reaction. And now after typing and writing for have a day...someone give me an advil.

But hey at least it gives me a silly story.
I fell in a Giant.

Friday, June 5, 2009

When is ME time?

Isn't it summer?
Shouldn't I have free time?
Am I allowed to have time to myself?
It seems like I never have a second to myself. No time to think. No time to breathe.
Don't get me wrong I love being with people, but I do enjoy my alone time. This summer so far I feel like it is non-exsisting. I just feel like I am being pulled and stretched in all different directions.
I need time to recharge. *sigh*

Monday, May 18, 2009


I was Tagged by Lyryn:

8 Things I look forward to:

1. Living each day for God, even if some are hard
2. Spending time with the people I love
3. More reading
4. Somedays
5. Staring Gazing
6. Swimming Pools
7. Late summer nights
8. UHLER family vacation in OBX

8 Things I did yesterday:
1. Woke up early, and hit my head on a bunk bed
2. Went to a new church
3. Heard the history of Walnut Bottom
4. Drove an hour and a half home with my roommate
5. Unpacked
6. Watched NCIS
7. Ate Chinese
8. Got in bed early to read

8 things I wish I could do:
1. Be a better friend
2. Do pilates everyday
3. Be a better runner
4. See Troy everyday
5. Not be sleepy
6. Meet my best friend's man
7. Travel the world (or at least get out of the country for the FIRST time)
8. Have someday now

8 shows I watch:
2. CSI
3. CSI New York
4. CSI Miami
6. Burn Notice
7. Jon & Kate Plus 8 (because of my roommates)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Friend, what does it mean? What does it mean to have one, to be one, to need one...
Friendship is something that can be taken lightly or taken for granted.

Me and my best friend have a quote that has always held us together:
"Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things."

We have been friends for almost 18 years and that might sound like a big thing, but it's not, it's all the single moments that make it so special.

After Kate when to college we needed to learn a new quote:
"A friendship can weather most things and thrive in thin soil - but it needs a little mulch of letters and phone calls and small silly presents every so often - just to save it from drying out completely." - Pam Brown

It is great to be so close with someone that you can goes months without seeing each other or even talking and then get back together and pick right up where you left off...but is that enough?
Is that what it means to be a friend?

Friendship isn't always an easy thing, but then again why should it be. Friendship without some sort of effort is sort of purposeless.

A friendship should be give and take...both making an effort...walking the road called life side-by-side. Granted sometimes life sucks and someone needs a piggyback ride...but that's all part of it.

I'll be the first to admit I am not always a good friend. I fall into the trap of being friends with the people it is easiest too. The ones I see everyday or the ones that don't challenge me.

Despite the fact that I know I need the ones that are closest to my heart, just not my zip code....or the ones that get in my face and set my stubborn self straight.

so I guess I am still...


Sunday, March 1, 2009

little traveler

so I'm going down to visit my Uncle Bruce, in Florida, in less than 12 hours.

I have only flown once before (last year at this time) and the weather was horrendous then as well.
I just want to get there in one piece and be able to start my time of relaxation.

I have checked my bags like 400 times, gone over the flight schedule a million all that's left is getting to Philly, then crossing my fingers a plane can get me to Florida.


mid-air: Love is in the Air...

Mr. & Mrs. Uhler (outer banks 2008) archived photo

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Transportation Design

"Transportation" with a little design...

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Catching Up "Old School"

"What a piece of work is a man..."

Monday, January 26, 2009


Outlet = one hour of student lead worship in the multipurpose room (MPR) of the student memorial center (SMC...pronounced smack...not S.M.C)...this occurs every Monday night from 9-10pm

It is a great time to lay everything before God right at the beginning of the week...
This Monday the worship leader played a very familiar song, it made me think of home, it made me feel at home...

it went a little something like this:

we want to see your kingdom come
and light up the darkness here
make us your instruments of love to bless the world
fill us up so love will overflow
your kingdom come to earth
and light up the darkness here

(P.S. it's The Bridge Band)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Right Timing…

My rainbow moment (time when God reminds you he is there and he keeps his promises) of the week.

God amazes me.

Last week I was so drained.

I felt like a failure…

This is an unfamiliar feeling for me, but I truly thought I was failing at everything I put my hand to.

I walk around putting a lot of pressure on myself and it was finally too much to handle.

I went to church feeling beaten down and hopeless.

Then we entered into an amazing time of worship.

Every song hit me like a tons of bricks, I had been holding on to things that God just wanted me to lay at his feet.

As I stand in the back of the room, tears flooding down my face we sang:

(“The Stand” Hillsong)

You stood before creation
Eternity in Your hand
And you spoke the earth into motion
My soul now to stand

You stood before my failure
And carried the cross for my shame
My sin weighed upon your shoulders
My soul now to stand


(“Might to Save” Hillsong)

So take me as You find me
All my fears & failures
Fill my life again

I give my life to follow
Everything I believe in
Now I surrender (I surrender)

It’s amazing how our Heavenly Father knows just when to reach down and give us a rainbow.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Simply Me

So here is my idea...
Before I want to share my thoughts, I want people to know me. So starting now and once a week, I'm going to share a fact about my life (until we are sort of up to speed).
My life through important events...
  • I as born, 21 years ago, into a family consisting of dad, mom, two older brothers [Micah & Isaac].
  • When I was 4, we moved from the mainline (where my parents had there woodworking shop) to Downingtown.
  • The second month of second grade, I moved back down to first grade. I have trouble reading. Talk about some cruel kids.
  • Next years were crazy kid, young teen years.
  • My junior year of high school is when I really started to develop my love for learning and a good challenge.
  • That same year a rough time hit my family, leaving our home and possessions left in ashes...[more to come of this story]
  • Summer before college I started dating Troy. An awesome man of God, I have known since childhood.
  • That fall, it was off to Millersville University to start my college career.
Next time I will start with College and go into more detail...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Life

I’m a lot of things to a lot of different people…

I’m a daughter and a sister,

A niece and an aunt,

A girlfriend and a friend,

A treasurer and a dance leader,

A student, roommate, co-worker…

And above all else a daughter of the most high God.

Although I am different things to different people I try to be the same person wherever I go, and with whomever I’m with.

This is me, plain and simple…