Saturday, July 30, 2011

Belated [1] Year

So my husband and I just celebrated our first year of marriage. It has been one great year. Full of lots of love and happiness. Our anniversary is July 10th, but we didn't get around to our date until July 27th...yes a Wednesday. Troy is a store manager at Papa our "weekend" is whenever he has off.

On our actual wedding anniversary we were in two different states...ahhh I know. My best friend's family goes to Outer Banks, North Carolina every year for vacation. I have gone with them every year since they were allowed to bring friends (2005) ...excluding the year I got married. So when I had the opportunity to go, I jumped on it. Before you think I'm the worst wife in the world for leaving my hubby at home...we were going to visit my Aunt & Uncle in Florida the very next week together. My Uncle flew me down as a graduation present, so it was only the price of one ticket for us both to go down. So that was our little anniversary trip.

Anyway back to our one year date. We got a little anniversary money from my Nana and Troy's mom mom and gran gran. So we put it towards our date...

The day started out with babysitting our youngest nephew, Tristan (Troy's sister's youngest), for a hour so mama could run some errands with only one child in tow. I know that doesn't really sound like a start to a date day...but he pretty much slept on my chest the entire time...which was enough to make my heart melt.

Troy had to run to work for a meeting...stinks...but then he came home and made me lunch, yum! We snuggled for a few hours and then decided to look nice for our date. I wore my cute little dress from Troy's sister's wedding and he wore jeans and a button down.

Then we were off to play miniature golf at Village Greens! We decided to go for the 24 holes course. Of course Troy had to bring his own putter (he thinks he's a real golfer). It was a beautiful day, a little hot...but the course is mostly in the shade. At the end....drum roll please...yes I beat him by two strokes!! After much boasting Troy finally got me to get in the car...but I'm not sure how I fit with my inflated head! We decided mini golf would be part of our anniversary date every year and we'd keep track of our wins!!

Now it was time for food. We headed to Long Horn for a nice dinner. Troy had a New York Strip with a Loaded Baked Potato. I had the Parmesan Crusted Chicken with Seasoned French Fries and a BBQ Chopped Salad. Oh and I also had a Mint favorite summer drink. Although they always turn out better when they're homemade.

Our dinner conversation revolved around the past year. Things that surprised us, disappointed us, or that we expected from our first year of marriage. It was a great time to simply be together.

Then we headed home for more snuggling, catching up on a few of our favorite shows, and tasting of our year old wedding cake. Troy was not into the last part, he looked at me and said, "I'm only doing this for you babe" which I responded, "Real romantic". So we took a slice and were eating until there were two bites left...he went to give one of them to me and I say that I was done...he responded, "Oh thank you!!". Our cake was adorable and delicious on the big day...but it wasn't wrapped real well.

We had a kind of early night, since Troy was working bright and early, but it was a wonderful day!!! All it was missing was flowers ;) Love him!

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  1. Sounds like a perfect first year! So glad you guys had a great time! :)