Monday, September 5, 2011


Ok so my husband and I live in a nice apartment complex, well at least I think it's nice. It's the kind of place that if you have a maintenance request they will have someone there that same day to fix it.

They have a pool & little gym (no extra cost), well lit parking lots, well groomed landscape, snow removal, quiet neighbors....all in all...pretty good.

BUT there is one thing, and it has to do with those pesky neighbors. We live in a second floor (which is the top floor) apartment with a window in the kitchen and I sliding glass door that goes out to our porch off the living room. Both of these windows are in the back of our apartment and provide a lovely breeze when the weather is nice. The thing is, when the weather is nice our neighbors enjoy sitting on their back porches and SMOKING!!!! So that lovely breeze turns into disgusting smokey air.

No offense to anyone that smokes, to me it is a dirty habit that drives me crazy. But if you want to turn your lungs black fine, just please leave mine the way they are. Growing up my parents smoked...never in the house, but they still smoked. It was something they were able to conquer and successfully quit while I was still young. I think that's where my sensitivity to the smell comes from. It literally drives me crazy. One minute I'll be sitting comfortably in my living room with the windows open and the next minute I will be up out of my seat slamming (gently) windows and doors because someone is smoking!!!

I'm the kind of person that likes every season and since fall is nearing I am so excited. I am sick of summer and am ready for fall. Fall brings cool fresh air perfect for jeans & a sweatshirt, going for a walk without sweating through your shirt, oh yes and leaving your windows wind OPEN!!!!

Praying I can find a way not to let my neighbors ruin my fall...


  1. Love that you are writing more! LOVE IT! You make me laugh. Let plan a date, k?!